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Getting Connected

This week has been great. I've had two very successful meetings, one with the Executive Director of Union Rescue Mission and the other with the Homeless Services Director at Open Door. I've been in contact with and am working to secure a meeting time with the Executive Director at Inter-Faith Ministries. (You can click any of the hyperlinks to view each organization's website.)

These three organizations all work directly with the homeless in Wichita, KS. I'm currently expanding my knowledge of the local organizations that aid homeless individuals and familiarizing myself with the methods they use to help/serve the homeless. This is so we may better structure our approach to selecting candidates for the program and help each in the most effective way possible.

Through our new contact with Open Door, we will conduct the first round of interviews with a few homeless individuals who use the services provided by Open Door this following Monday. I'm currently working to develop a list of questions that will provide the most fruitful exchange between myself and the candidate. We will discuss life and the paths they've walked down and the paths they see themselves continuing on. My goal is to trial and error the question and interview process until it is refined into a consistent and duplicable means of gathering information about the life of each homeless individual.

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